Handmade Dumpling Noodle

Went to church with my sis yesterday. After service, she kept on saying she wants to eat handmade dumpling… & so i follow her lead…According to her, this handmade dumpling, is VERY nice..
We walked down the street, and came to this shoplot... somewhere on Jalan SS15/48, near Subang Square.
The interior is VERY simply.. Gives me the feeling of some China kampung restaurant(客栈), with wooden table & stool…
While ordering, i thought of ordering some herbal tea… THEN i realised on the menu, other than those normal can drinks, they provide only 3-4 various drinks each day… Smart, don’t need to prepare too many kind of drinks everyday.
So on Sunday, the choice available nearest to my preference is Sea coconut longan 海底椰龙眼水…
A LOT of longan beneath~
As for  my sis, she’s enjoying her bubur cha cha…
And then, when our noodle is served… i was like “OMG~ the dumpling SO BIG~~!!”
Seriously, this handmade dumpling is SO BIG, the spoon cannot fit also~~
Don’t believe it? See it for yourself~~
You might think wow, it’s so big.. but how about the TASTE?
After one bite… Kao-lat~ GENG~ The dumpling “liao” is SO COMPACT, you have mouthfull of prawns & minced meat with ONE BITE~~ *yum*
Seriously, this dumpling is really recommended wey~~
BUT… I forgot the name of the shop already.. I just know some “Madam.. (something)*. Anyone has any idea??

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marsotong said...

it look familiar,is it in the ground floor of Econsave?