bakuteh morning

Maggie is returning to Taiwan on Saturday so yesterday, ahma suggested bakuteh for breaksfast. We said to leave at 8am.
However, I couldn’t sleep well and so I woke up at 6am in the morning. The smell of breeze in the morning, after a night of rain, is seriously refreshing… Make me wanna say “GOOD MORNING WORLD~” A little waste of the morning breeze, i watched some drama online instead, while waiting for everyone to wake up.
But then… When it’s 8:20am, there’s still no sign of anyone getting up… haiz…
After the one-by-one morning call… FINALLY we get to leave for breakfast~
Rosie at the door 
See, even Rosie woke up so early~
Anyway, so we came to this restaurant in Taman Chi-long… (Actually you can find bakuteh in almost every corner in Klang,  whether it taste good depends on your personal preference…)
happy cousin & my bro
We ordered & my aunt starts to make tea.
Aunty making tea Aunt & grandma 
Normally we’ll rinse the tea cup in hot water first before we use it… noticed the water is hot so we use fork to take it out..? Haha..
Well, since we have A LOT & various tea leaves in our house, today we brought two of them & so we had both Long-Jin tea & Pu-Er tea.. Both very nice… of fine quality, of course…
After a short while, our meal is served~
but WAIT~!! PHOTO session FIRST~~ Maggie quickly takes photo of her first bakuteh meal this summer…
Maggie taking photos of bakuteh...
Well, of course i’ll have my turn as well… Yup yup, showing you the DELICIOUS bakuteh~~~ *yum*
 delicious bakuteh~
Oh i just simply LOVE bakuteh…

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sanmin said...

I just simply LOVE malaysia food :(

It's so good to be home :)