When you're young and you look up to the clear blue sky, you just wished that you could fly. Fly like the birds up high. Fly like the plane. You folded planes with paper & throw it, wishing it could fly up high, fly far. A simple paper plane would make you happy. Yes, you think you could fly.

As time passes, you start to think more.


"It's impossible for humans to fly."

"You need wings to fly."

"Don't be childish."

"Well, yeah... You can consider getting on a plane is flying.. but do you have the money?"

"What makes the plane fly?"

"The air force, blah blah...."

The story goes on & on... A simple paper plane doesn't satisfy you anymore. You think folding a paper plane is childish, you don't have the time for it. You want something more realistic.. When you think of flying, you think of freedom. You think you're living in a suffocating world. Everything's tying you up~ You can't breath!

Don't you wish you could have the heart of a child back? Back to the days when folding paper plane is so much fun for you? Well, you know..
. Being simple is the first rule for happiness...

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