When something gives you pleasure and satisfaction, you tend to want more of it... Thus leading to addiction. That's how drug-addiction begins.

Well, don't get my word wrong, I'm NOT a drug-addict! I'm just making an example out of it. Anyway, talk about addiction, I do get addicted to lots of stuff. Let's see, I'm a :

  • Movie addict
  • Internet-addict - though there's nothing much for me to do now, especially when everyone's busy studying and i'm the lonely ranger
  • Self-photo-taking-addict - Good thing I don't have my own camera, or else I'll probably get sick of my face!
  • Photo-editing-addict - I find photo editing & enhancing is pretty much an art. Making one photo look prettier.. Can't find a satisfied photo editor though..

Well, looks like I'm addicted to lots of no-good, no-use stuff after all. I wonder how come I'm not book-addicted?

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