Guys, be a man!

Watched this movie, Something Borrowed couple of days ago:

  • Well, Dex and Rachel were study mates in law school and obviously they're fond of each other.
  • Somehow down the road came Rachel's happy-go-lucky best friend, Darcy who takes everything easily.
  • Due to some misinterpretation, Dex ended up with Darcy and yeah, they're about to get married... and THEN only Dex and Rachel found out that they loved each other all along! 
  • =.= Stupid but yeah, that's what norms do due to: shyness, misinterpretation, ego, want-face, blah... 
  • So they confessed and had a short affair where Dex, being the guy living to satisfy expectations instead of what he wants (well, just like most of us) don't dare to call off the wedding... Until Rachel decides to give up on him and move on with her life.
  • Thank God in the end Dex kinda realized he's gonna missed the love of his life & found his guts to cancel the wedding & be with Rachel.
The whole point here... Is about what guys does.

Just like other  buddy-friend-couple scenario you'll see in young romance movie, the boy is a ladies-man, he's caring, he's gentleman, he's a girl's listener, blah blah... and so a girl fell for him. She confessed, he rejected for who-knows-what reason. Since they're friends, of course they still hang out once in a while. Apparently every time when the girl decides to move on, the boy always gives hope. Once he was drunk and told her, " I shouldn't have rejected you.." and then when he's back in consciousness the second day, it's back to normal and nothing happens... *I feel like fly-kick somebody*

Guys, why can't you just make things simple and clear and let us girls move on with our lives? Is it that hard just to give a confirmed answer and settle the issue? *roll eye* I wonder sometimes how does guys' brain function. Don't complicate it. If you don't like the girl, just tell her! Don't give hope, can?
Thank God she's smart enough to move on without him.
Picture from http://superpaula.tumblr.com
Just like I what I tell my girlfriends, if the guy is such a kiddo that can't give a clear-cut answer, you might as well give up and stop wasting time on him. Who knows he does that with other girls too?

I have a friend whom just met a very charming and cute guy, he told her he likes her, they went out for a sweet night. So what's next? The girl's not sure whether the guy is planning to have further move or just friends. I said just ask and get on. Don't be afraid of scaring the guy off. If he's really such a good guy, he won't be intimidated & he'll talk it out with you. *Heck, don't forget he's the one who asked you out in the first place, k?* 
Btw, guys, girls confess because you're charming, ok? So please stop playing hide-and-seek and say "I don't know"!!! Urgh...

Of course, every one loves to just sit back and relax and best of all, no need to make choices! But that's not the way of life! You won't have your mama to decide everything for you throughout your life! Grow Up!

I once heard, "Guys are MALE by nature, MAN by CHOICE!". So if you wanna be a man, start taking up some responsibility!

Good luck to you girls...

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