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To many of us, a day is just another 24-hour day but to some it may be a lifetime. Doing the things we love, loving the things we do... but what if not all of us share the same chances or privilege in life?
Is strength displayed only in the joy of victory or perhaps in the faintest of smile of a seeming defeat?
Directed by Gun Yee Wen
Written By Esther Shenny Ku & Kevin Loo
Produced By Ayria Consulting & City Care KL
Genre : Cause
What is the view of the outside world from a perspective of an autism child?
In conjunction with the World Autism Awareness Day, #SixteenFilm had their premier at The Curve with the National Autism Society on 2 April.

This year instead of stage drama production, my church (City Harvest KL) will be having a movie screening of this film (which is our first film production) !!!! 

You're all invited! There'll be 4 time to choose from... No worries, all 4 days will have the same show! :P
Here's the time & map to the location:

For more info of this movie, you may log on to http://www.facebook.com/SixteenFilm

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