Back to camp

Back to 'camp' again today.. 
This time round, there's quite some old faces, and some of the new faces were uni-mates..
Already knew half the people here from the first day. >.< Not a good thing.

Can see some obvious changes in some friends, in a relationship.
First indication, the taste of wardrobe become A LOT BETTER.
Second & most important, she'll smile sweetly while reading her sms over lunch.

Though there's a lot of acquaintance this year round, still kinda miss my old group mates, which most of them didn't come this year round.
One went for internship in India.
One decided to postpone this attempt.

Two decided to study on their own & just sit for the exam.
And another one missing in action. *which is the bubbly one that made us felt something in the air is missing as he's not around.*

This time looks worse than last year, the course will end on 7/10 (Fri), then the exam will be starting on 10/10 (Mon). No study break. How cool is that. *roll eye*

Feet aching from the new (but cheap) shoes after standing & walking for a day. Bumps coming out.

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