The Social Network

I'm pretty sure frequent movie goers would have seen this posters in various cinemas nationwide which stated showing Nov but have yet to see it in screen, yet already hear the buzz all over the US about it. Yes, it's "the social network", based-on-true-story of the most popular sites in most of our daily life, facebook!

While some of my friends has seen it online, there's various media sponsors starting giving invitation for special screening since Sunday. So yesterday, thanks to ShaolinTiger, Niki Cheong & Nuffnang, I got passes to the special screening in Mid Valley yesterday!

This movie starring Jesse Eisenberg who play the role of Mark Zuckerberg, also the founder of facebook. While the all so very cute Andrew Garfield plays the role of Eduardo Saverin, supposedly the best friend of Mark.

The Social Network

And so while the rest of the world (guys especially) are curious & want to search for the mystical Erica Albright (well, I actually overheard some guys while waiting outside the washroom that they also wanna facebook out Mark's ex), I'm more interested in knowing how the actual founders of facebook look like...


The verdict: they look really... "Harvard" after all.. LOL

How actually is the movie? I would say it's a VERY INTERESTING movie, almost great, to see the origin of facebook (though not sure how accurate is the truth) and the conflict behind it (and ass-like people) . For brotherhood, or dream, or simply business?

Well, for those whom are not of virtual world, internet & facebook... (like my dad?) Probably it's not the best choice but for the rest *thumbs up*

Personal rating: ♥♥♥♥ of 5

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