Happy but tiring

I'm glad I did went to the Overnight Prayer meeting, it was AWESOME!! We pray for forgiveness, prayed for the growth of our church, our cell groups, and our cell members; we also prayed for the uprise of the students in variuos school, and people in Israel.
We finished at 2.30am, though we're exhausted, we're excited!

Woke up at 9.30am, prepared myself to go to Rachelle's farewell gathering in TimeSquare. It might be a long time the few of us college mates will gather together to share some quality time before we meet again. Slept throughout the journey to KL Central on KTM. Anyway, I got a call middle of the journey, Bahanee said she could not go, and later, Rachelle herself said she'll be late!!!

At last, the few of us waited for Rachelle at TimeSquare, chit-chatted until 3 hours later, Rachelle finally show up. What a time!! But we had a great time! So happy to meet up with college mates!

Bahanee & Daiyanti came over to my house later, they're in bed by now... We went mamak with Yvonne, which we didn't see her for so long as well. Great day I'd say!
david yap & kup guan
aun li & elsa

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